Kotzebue Gravel Map

Material Site Investigation: Kotzebue to Cape Blossom Road (Iggy Hill), ADOTPF, October 2011

Active Sites Near Kotzebue

Ownership: Kikiktagruk Iñupiat Corporation (KIC) has surface rights at these locations, however NANA maintains ownership of gravel, which is considered a subsurface resource. Contact NANA with your gravel requests for the Kotzebue area.


Nimiuk Point 

Location:  Approximately 16 mi E of Kotzebue.

Access:  By boat or small aircraft.

Transportation:  The material is barged from the site. Drake Construction (under contract with KIC) is the primary operator at this site.

Location: NE quarter of Section 25, T16N, R15W KRM.

GPS Coordinates: N66°44’11.04?, E162°0’54.36?.


Contact both NANA and KIC to obtain material from Nimiuk Point.


Iggy Hill 

ADOT&PF plans to develop the site in 2018. All of the material is designated for the Cape Blossom Road Project. No material is expected to be available for other projects at this time.


Location: Approximately 8.5 mi E of Kotzebue, and N of Nimiuk Point; in Section 36, T18N, R17W Kateel Meridian.

GPS Coordinates: N66.9204°, W162.2867°.

Access: Via a seasonal ice road.

Material: The site is estimated to produce approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards of silt and gravel. Geotechnical reports indicate that the material consists of gravel overlain with silt with a silt to gravel ratio of 1:15.