Shungnak Gravel Map

Gravel Pit Location and Accessibility


Location: Approximately 1 mi W of Shungnak in the center of Section 8, T17N, R8E, KRM.

GPS Coordinates: (Recorded at the E entrance to the pit.) N66°53’13.5?, W157°09’52.3?.

Access: The site is accessible by a gravel road.


Material: The gravel pit is roughly circular in shape and measures approximately 516 ft in diameter. There is a 14C-3 easement that essentially bisects the pit into an east and west half. The pit consists of unconsolidated gravel with discontinuous lenses of sand. Clasts are sub-rounded to rounded and up to 5? in largest dimension, occasionally larger. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the clasts are <2?.


In addition to the Shungnak Gravel Pit, the State of Alaska has designated portions of the Kobuk River as a State of Alaska Master Material Site (MMS) No. ADL 419727; material is located within the Kobuk River. Contact the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for information on river gravel.