Shungnak Gravel Map

Gravel Pit Location and Accessibility


Location: Approximately 1 mi W of Shungnak in the center of Section 8, T17N, R8E, KRM.

GPS Coordinates: (Recorded at the E entrance to the pit.) N66°53’13.5?, W157°09’52.3?.

Access: The site is accessible by a gravel road.


Material: The gravel pit is roughly circular in shape and measures approximately 516 ft in diameter. There is a 14C-3 easement that essentially bisects the pit into an east and west half. The pit consists of unconsolidated gravel with discontinuous lenses of sand. Clasts are sub-rounded to rounded and up to 5? in largest dimension, occasionally larger. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the clasts are <2?.


In addition to the Shungnak Gravel Pit, the Native Village of Shungnak previously had a permit from the State of Alaska (see Obtaining Gravel from State Resources page) to mine gravel from the Kobuk River. For more information about the Shungnak River site, contact the Native Village of Shungnak at 907-437-2163.