Hotham Peak Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit Location and Accessibility Noorvik Gravel Map

Hotham Peak Gravel Pit

The Hotham Peak site is located approximately 6.5 miles east of Noorvik and is accessible by dirt road.


This site is located in Section 3, 4-SE 1/4, T16N, R10W and GPS Coordinates of the site are N66° 48’33”, W160° 49’16.3″.


About the material

The type of material available at this site includes bedded sand and gravel.  Clast sizes range up to 6″ (rare), but most (70%) are less than 1″.  Clasts are sub-rounded quartz, quartz-mica schist and occasional greenstone; there are rare pieces of coal.  Sand lenses range up to 4′ thick.


Contact Information

The Noorvik Native Community (NNC) is currently under contract with NANA Regional Corporation to manage the material site.  For more information about obtaining/purchasing material from this site please contact:


Native Village of Noorvik                     Ph: 907-636-2144

IRR Transportation Planner

P.O. Box 209

Noorvik, AK  99763