There are currently no material sites developed on NANA land at Noatak. However, the Noatak River is a State of Alaska Designated Master Material Site (No. ADL 419744). The state’s permitting process is simplified for designated material sources. As of 2018, there were no active permits to extract material from the Noatak River.

In 2006, ADOT&PF prepared a geotechnical report that indicated field classifications of Noatak River material ranged from poorly-to well-graded gravel with sand to poorly-graded gravel (GP, GW, and SP). During the same geotechnical investigation, drilling samples obtained downriver and SW of Noatak indicated that the material consisted primarily of silt and sand. Due to ongoing erosion, access to in-river material has been limited.

Proposed Material Site

ADOT&PF identified a potential site as a source of gravel for proposed airport improvements.
Location: Approximately 1,500 ft E-NE of the end of the existing cemetery road, approximately 0.75 mi N of Noatak.
GPS Coordinates: N67.58763°, W162.95925°.
Access: A road will need to be constructed to access this site. This site is thought to contain construction-grade gravel.
Material: Material estimates and characteristics are available from ADOT& PF geotechnical reports.