There are currently no material sites developed on NANA land at Noatak.  There is however a State of Alaska operated gravel source in the Noatak River bed.  In 2006 DOT&PF prepared a geotechnical report that reported field classifications of river material ranged from poorly-to well-graded gravel with sand to poorly-graded gravel (GP, GW, and SP).  The same geotechnical investigation reported drilling results that were taken southwest of the village.  It was found that the material consisted primarily of silt and sand.  This in-river material may be difficult to access due to erosion.


In August 2014 a Material Site Investigation was completed by DOWL Engineers, for Maniilaq Association on behalf of the Native Village of Noatak.  The proposed site, which is on NANA land, is approximately 0.75 miles north of the Village of Noatak, and about 1,500 feet east-northeast of the end of the existing Cemetery Road.  The study indicates a source of construction-grade material estimated to include more than 165,000 cy of gravel, with an additional 460,000 cy of material below the water table.