Kiana Gravel Map

Geotechnical Report: Kiana Airport Improvements Project (includes proposed material site), ADOTPF, April 2013

Material Site A-1

Location:  Approximately 3.25 miles northwest of Kiana at Section 31, T19N, R8W AND Section 6, T18N, R8W, Kateel River Meridian (KRM).

Access:  Approximately 2.75-miles by road from the east end of Kiana Airport.

GPS Coordinates:  N67° 0.069’, W160° 30.078’

Material: Alluvial sand and gravel up to 10% organic content extends from approximately 4’ to 29’ bsg with increasing silt and moisture, at depth.

Kiana Landfill Site, June 2013

The site was developed in 2019 and consists of one open cell (Cell #3).  Material Site A-1 is managed locally by the Native Village of Kiana (IRA). Contact the IRA directly for all gravel requests at (907) 475-2109 or email

Material Site A-1, Cell 3

Landfill Gravel Pit

Location:  0.6 mi N of the Kiana Airport

Access:  By road.

Location:  Section 4, SW 1/4, T18N, R8W Kateel River Meridian (KRM).

GPS Coordinates:  N66° 59? 06?, W160° 25? 49?.

The pit has been reclaimed and transferred to the City of Kiana. Contact the City of Kiana for information on this site.