Gravel Pit Location and Accessibility Deering Gravel Map

There are multiple material sites located near Deering along the road to Utica, which travels along Inmachuk River.  Accessibility to these sites may be limited due to poor road conditions.


Sites include:

Site A.K.A. GPS Coordinates     TRS
5-Mile  66.02813N, 162.82492W  Section 11-NE 1/4, 7N, 20W
9-Mile “Inmachuk River Road-East Side”,

“Crusher Pit”

 66°00’22.75″N, 162°53’2.62W  Section 16, 7N, 20W
10-Mile “Inmachuk River-Northwest Site”,


 65°59’56.33″N, 162°56’2.08″W  Section 20-NW 1/4, 7N, 20W
16-Mile “Inmachuk Rock”  65.92523N, 162.99313W  Section 13-NE 1/4, 6N, 20W


About the Material

The type of material available at these sites consist primarily of alluvium (river gravel), except for the 16-mile site which consists of rock and rip rap.  Development of the rock at 16-mile may require drilling and blasting.