Gravel Pit Location and Accessibility Kivalina Gravel Map

There are currently no developed material sites at Kivalina.  There are several potential material sites in the area including the following:


Asaqpa (a.k.a Asikpak) Rock Quarry – This site is located approximately 12 miles northwest of the village of Kivalina and is not accessible by road.  It is located at Section 8, T27N, R26W KRM.  GPS coordinates are N67°44’50.38″ and W164°35’10.13″.


Kisimigiuktuk Hill – This site is located approximately 7 miles north of Kivalina at Section 19, T28N, R25W KRM.  GPS coordinates are N67º48.723, W164º24.081.  It contains grey-weathering, grey-to light tan, fine to medium grained crystalline limestone.  Like Asaqpa, this potential site is not accessible by road.


Other – There are other unnamed gravel sources along the Kivalina and Wulik rivers.  Clasts include limestone, sandstone, argillite, black chert and occassionally quartzite.  Some sites along the river may be state-owned, with adjacent NANA-owned gravel.  Both the DOT&PF (see Obtaining Gravel from State Resources page) and NANA should be contacted to determine material ownership.